NetworkHeresy has a number of contributors throughout the networking industry and academia. Posts tend to be collaborations by multiple authors and focused on network system design, and macro industry trends. If you’re interested in writing a blog with us, please contact Martin or Bruce.

Alex Bachmutsky is a Distinguished Engineer at Ericsson. Alex has 30 years experience in software, hardware and system architecture in areas of networking, mobile and wireless, security, multi-core processors, packet processing technologies, high availability and multimedia. He has given dozens of presentations, has tens of patents, and has authored multiple publications, including his book “System Design for Telecommunication Gateways”.

Martìn Casado is a Fellow and the SVP and GM of the Networking & Security BU at VMware. He was the Co-Founder and CTO of Nicira Networks.  Martìn received his PhD from Stanford University where we remains a Consulting Assistant Professor.  He received the Grace Murray Hopper Award for “his work creating the movement of Software Defined Networking (SDN), a new paradigm in the research and practice of computer networking that provides a software alternative to hardware-based network components.”

Bruce Davie is the CTO for Networking and a Principal Engineer at VMware in the Networking & Security BU. He joined VMware as part of the Nicira acquisition, and focuses on network virtualization. He has over 25 years of networking industry experience, and was a Cisco Fellow prior to joining Nicira. At Cisco, he worked closely with leading service providers to enhance the capabilities of their networks. He led the team that developed multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and contributed to the standards on IP quality of service. He has written over a dozen Internet RFCs and several networking textbooks and is an ACM Fellow.

Kenneth Duda is founder, CTO, and SVP Software Engineering for Arista Networks, where he leads the design and development of EOS, a state-oriented modular network operating system. From 1999 to 2004, Ken was CTO at, leading the design and implementation a real-time 3D-rendered distributed system that scaled to thousands of simultaneous users. Ken was also the first engineer at Granite Systems, leading the software development effort for Cisco Systems’ Catalyst 4000 product line after Granite’s acquisition in 1996. Ken holds three engineering degrees from MIT and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Dinesh Dutt is Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks. Before that, he was a Cisco Fellow, working on various data center technologies from ASICs to protocols to RFCs. He’s a primary co-author on the TRILL RFC and the VxLAN draft at the IETF. He was a chief architect on Cisco Nexus family of switches. He was also a key contributor to SAN technologies at Andiamo Systems and was one of the designers of QoS, IP FIB and MPLS on the Cat6500 family of switches.

Jesse Gross is bothered by systems that he doesn’t understand from top to bottom, so he generally works at lower layers so there is less to think about. At Nicira/VMware, he has focused on creating flexible and high performance data plane building blocks for software-based networking. To this end, he is the maintainer of Open vSwitch in the Linux kernel, designed the Stateless Transport Tunneling (STT) protocol, and worked on mechanisms for blending software flexibility with hardware performance.

Tim Hinrichs is a software engineer at VMware.  He received his Ph.D. in declarative programming languages in 2008 from Stanford University and has spent 13 years designing and implementing policy-aware systems in different domains, e.g. networking, (what at the time was called) utility computing, configuration management, web security, game-playing, and access-control.

Teemu Koponen was the chief architect at Nicira Networks before joining VMware. Teemu received his PhD from Helsinki University of Technology in 2008 and ever since has been indecisive enough to remain active within the network research community while working for the industry. He received the ACM SIGCOMM Rising Star Award 2012 for his contributions on network architectures.

Andrew Lambeth is a Principal Engineer at VMware. He has been virtualizing networking for long enough to have coined the term “vswitch”, and led the vDS distributed switching project at VMware before joining Nicira to work on controller distribution in the NVP team. Andrew is excited to be back at VMware now to help realize the vision of truly virtualizing the entire datacenter.

Scott Lowe is an engineering architect at VMware in the Networking and Security BU. Scott has 20 years of industry experience spanning a range of roles from technical trainer to CTO for a managed IT services start-up. Prior to joining VMware, Scott worked as global field CTO for the VMware Affinity team at EMC Corporation. Scott is also a well-known IT community advocate, blogger, speaker, and author.

Justin Pettit is a lead developer on the Open vSwitch project.  He was a founding employee at Nicira and is currently working at VMware. He was a co-creator of OpenFlow, working on both the specification and reference implementation. In addition to working on Open vSwitch, he is involved in the design and development of Nicira/VMware’s other products. Prior to Nicira, Justin worked at three successful startups focused on network security. While completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science at Stanford, he worked on research that became the basis for the OpenFlow Standard and software-defined networking.

Ben Pfaff is a lead developer of the Open vSwitch project.  He was a co-creator of OpenFlow and led the development effort of the original OpenFlow reference implementation.   He was a founding employee at Nicira and is currently at VMware. He received his PhD from Stanford University in 2007. Ben has worked in free and open source software projects, including Debian and GNU, for over 20 years.

Rajiv Ramanathan has been developing and leading SDN and traditional networking projects over the last 15 years.  He currently leads the controller team in the VMWare network and security business unit.  Previously, he lead the OpenFlow effort at Google, and helped build Google’s datacenter and WAN networks.  He has also worked on L2 and L3 protocol implementations and software forwarding at various established networking companies and startups.

JR Rivers is the co-founder and CEO of Cumulus Networks where he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company. JR has been involved with networking since Ethernet only ran on coaxial cables.  He’s worked on some of the most foundational networking products of their time, from early Network Interface Cards at 3Com through switching and routing products at Cisco. JR’s early involvement in home-grown networking at Google and as the VP of System Architecture for Cisco’s Unified Computing System helped fine tune his perspective on networking for the modern datacenter.

Madhu Venugopal is the co-founder and CEO of Socketplane. Socketplane provides pragmatic Software-Defined Networking solutions for container-based clouds. He has been leading and developing SDN and traditional networking products for more than a decade. Prior to Socketplane, he was a Sr. Principal Engineer at Red Hat responsible for Network Virtualization solutions using OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch, and OpenStack. While at Cisco, he worked on various data center technologies on Catalyst and Nexus product lines.

Chris Wright is the Chief Technologist at Red Hat where he is leading engineers who work on cloud computing, distributed storage, network virtualization, containers, and continuous delivery.  During his more than 20 years as a software engineer he has worked in the telecom industry on high availability and distributed systems and in the Linux industry on security, virtualization, and networking.  He has been a Linux developer for over 15 years, most of that time spent deep in the Linux kernel.  He is passionate about developing open source software to serve as the foundation for next generation IT systems.  He lives in sunny Portland, OR where he is happliy working on open source projects such as OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch, and OpenStack.

2 Comments on “Contributors”

  1. James Liao says:


    Did not realize this was your blog. No wonder the writing is so insightful. 🙂 Good to see your blog.


  2. Juan Suarez-Rivas says:

    Network virtualization: I just spent four hours –first time– reading several articles on NV..
    Its potential to revolutionize and enrich the world is mind boggling.

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